2023 Education Top Picks


All-in-One Direct View LED Displays

Brilliant Visuals and Detail in 4K UHD

Enjoy the crisp detail of true 4K Ultra HD with 8.3 million pixels on the screen. The 4K series also comes with HDR/HLG support for more dynamic-looking images.

Minimalist Aesthetics

Slim, sleek and larger than nine 75-inch LCD displays combined, the 5mm frameless display delivers content seamlessly without stitching bezels for a premium visual experience.

All-in-One Integration for Effortless Installation

Simple and fast, fully integrated with power supply, control, image stitching, and display systems, all you need to do is just turn on the display.

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Ditch the Dock: Docking Monitors

Save Time

Get a faster start on your work by connecting a single USB-C cable from your laptop directly to your docking monitor. 

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Reduce Clutter

No more messy cables. One USB-C cable eliminates the need for power cables, HDMI, DisplayPort and other cables, wires and adapters to connect to your laptop or PC. 

Save Money

No costly docking station accessory needed. Built-in RJ45 Ethernet lets you connect to your wired network, while an integrated USB-hub lets you connect your keyboard and mouse.

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Portable 1080p IPS Monitor

Ultra-Portable Design

Measuring a mere 0.6″ thick and weighing about 2 pounds, this compact monitor can be easily packed and transported for gaming on the go.

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2-Way Power with USB Type-C

Dual USB Type-C ports deliver audio, and video over a single cable. What’s more, these USB Type-C ports also deliver two-way power: a connected laptop can power the monitor, or the monitor can power a connected laptop via USB-C power bank or AC adapter and outlet.

Extend Your Workspace to a Second Screen

Simply connect your laptop, smartphone or tablet to the monitor and experience a more productive work environment, easier web browsing and a more immersive viewing experience as you stream on the go.

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