Covid Clean

Keeping our classrooms safe

In these trying times, the health of our staff, students, and visitors are more important than ever before. Data Impressions has always focused on emerging and cutting-edge technology. Therefore, we are happy to bring you the following technology solutions focused on health and safety.


Temperature Screening Kiosk

Meridian’s Personnel Management Solution features check-in and temperature verification capabilities. This solution can also be programmed for facial identification, with users easily added in a few short clicks.

Prevent anyone with a temperature from entering the facility


Facial recognition for restricted access


Highly customizable


Thermographic Camera System

This non-contact temperature measurement system is based on AI software suitable for detecting individuals with a fever.

Scans up to 30 people at a time


Reports minimal false positives

Software is easy to install and highly configurable

AeraMax PRO

Air Filtration

Hand sanitizer and surface wipes are not the only preventative measures needed for a clean classroom. Air purification is essential to reducing the spread of infectious airborne viruses. 

99.9% effective against coronavirus

Replaces air in the room 5 times per hour of use


Visual indicator shows the status of the current room air quality


Device disinfection and charging

EarthWalk has developed a new way to charge and sterilize classroom devices quickly and efficiently.


Charges and disinfects devices simultaneously

Safely sanitizes up to 40 devices in 30 minutes


Kills 99.9% of pathogens

Charge and disinfect 24-40 devices

Charge and disinfect up to 16 devices
Secure on counter/desk surfaces or wall-mount

Charge and disinfect up to 30 devices


Acrylic Desk Shields

Luxor’s RECLAIM Trifold Acrylic Desk Shields offer sneeze shield protection in a freestanding configuration that’s easy to set on virtually any desk or table.


Safeguard from coughs and sneezes

Easy assembly with the included hardware

Trifold panels fold flat making the divider easy to move and store


Virtual Classroom

Keep your school safe! Take a virtual tour of our 2023 Classroom, featuring the most cutting-edge Covid response and hybrid learning products and services.

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