Gaming Headsets

Gaming headsets are designed for ultimate audio and spatial clarity. You want to be sure you can hear the footsteps of your enemies when they’re sneaking up on you. A great set of gaming headphones will block out external noise while giving you full spatial awareness and a way to communicate clearly with your team.

HyperX Stinger

The HyperX Cloud Stinger family of headsets is known for featuring high-quality audio, lightweight design, and durability.


Lightweight comfort

Ideal for prolonged gaming sessions


Immersive in-game audio

Enhanced bass reproduction with crisp highs, clear mids, and rich lows keeping you immersed in your gaming


Adjustable steel sliders

Sturdy steel sliders that adjust to provide a comfortable fit

MSI Immerse

Hear your opponents before you see them thanks to crystal clear positional audio or simply close your eyes and let your favorite music give you chills as you hear details you never heard before.


Sound performance

High quality 40mm drivers equipped with virtual 7.1 surround sound and vibration system bring you incredible sound performance and an immersive sound experience


Flexible by design

Lightweight and durable, the foldable headband makes the Immerse as easy to carry with you as your daily driver


Get comfortable

The soft, fluffy ear cups keep you comfortable after hours of gaming.

Logitech G

Precise audio, immersive sound, crystal-clear mics, customizable EQ and optional 7.1 surround. Everything you need to get into the game and perform.


2.4 GHZ Wireless

Play on 2.4 GHz wireless for up to 12 hours per charge without lighting or 8 hours with default lighting.  Keep playing while charging the battery via USB cable

Surround beyond

Accurate in-game spatial awareness allows you to clearly detect position and distance in a complete 3D soundscape. Hearing your surroundings clearly can be the difference between victory and defeat


Be heard loud and clear

Mic+ 6 mm is a boom mic enhanced for amazingly clear and precise communications

Steelseries Artic

Enjoy the award-winning sound, comfortable design, and durable quality of the best Arctic multi-platform gaming headsets in both wired and wireless, compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, mobile, and more.


Wireless everywhere

Lossless 2.4 GHz wireless audio designed for ultralow latency gaming


24-hour battery life

Game all day and all night on a single charge with the best-in-class battery that allows 24 hours of nonstop wireless usage


Extreme versatility

Game everywhere with the compact USB-C dongle for a seamless transition between PlayStation 5, PS4, PC, Android, and Nintendo Switch

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