Gaming Keyboards

This is the keyboard people grew up using when computers first came on the scene.  They are made with high-quality plastic key switches. They are sturdy and dependable. They provide a classic feel with durability that stands the test of time.

HyperX Alloy Series

For gamers, streamers, and multi-taskers who need to have more control at their fingertips, the HyperX Alloy Series are the keyboards for you. 


HyperX Pudding Keycaps

Pre-installed translucent ABS pudding keycaps provide brilliance that let your style shine


Solid steel frame

A solid steel frame provides durability while the sturdy weight prevents the keyboard from slipping when the action heats up


Multi-platform compatibility

All you need is one keyboard for both PC and console gaming with these keyboards that are compatible with PC, PS4™, and Xbox One™ via USB-A connection

MSI Vigor Series

A durable and solid base for gaming and regular use.


Close your eyes and feel the difference

Preset 4x luxury metal keycaps provide excellent feedback and reduce the chance of pressing the wrong key during gaming sessions. Keycaps that are suitable for regular office use are included


Never move an inch

The extremely steady gaming base under the space bar provides incredible feedback and up to 25% better anti-slip performance while typing


No more messy desk

Smart design allows you to store extra cables under the keyboard for a tangle-free desk

Logitech G915

The G915 is a new class of wireless mechanical gaming keyboard. It features high-performance LIGHTSPEED wireless, advanced LIGHTSYNC RGB, and low-profile mechanical gaming switches packaged in a sleek, ultra-thin design.


Lightspeed wireless

Pro-grade LIGHTSPEED wireless achieves super-fast 1 millisecond performance. It’s the same wireless technology that esports pros all over the world trust in competitions


Impossibly thin

Incredibly refined. Impossibly thin. Built with a no-compromises commitment to performance and features. 


Remarkable battery life

Fully recharges in just three hours. Keep playing while it’s plugged in and charging via micro USB. You will enjoy hours of non-stop game time on a single charge

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