Gaming Systems

Gaming PC systems provide much more power than your typical gaming consoles. PC’s give you the capability of loading dramatically enhanced graphics and utilize video cards and high core-count CPUs. If you want to maximize performance and play the highest quality games available, you need a gaming PC.

T Series Towers

Expertly engineered with a refined chassis, impressive lighting effects, and high-performance components.


Power, unleashed

Explosively powerful performance from the latest gaming processors and discrete graphics


Combat heat

The innovative thermal system with streamlined air intake will keep your  tower running longer by running cooler and quieter


Easy upgrades

Enjoy the latest in gaming tech for years with the tool-free upgrade system providing easy access to the internal components whenever you want to upgrade

Predator Orion

A powerful system with style to match, the chassis was built to adapt, integrate, and have you realizing your gaming and mega-tasking needs.


RTX GeForce 30

The RTX 30 GPU’s computing power is twice as fast as that of RTX 2080s while maintaining the advantage of low energy consumption


Mystic Light

Style the way you want by customizing your gaming desktop with MSI Mystic Light. You can select any color and LED effect from the palette to personalize your gaming system and even synchronize with other devices


Silent Storm Cooling System

The cooling system is completely fine-tuned and ready for non-stop gaming by separating the CPU, graphic card, and power supply in different chambers and by optimizing airflow

Omen Desktops

It’s gaming love at first sight. With a power processor and amazing graphics, you will be playing on day one. And with easy upgrades and the OMEN Command Center, it’s crafted for the long term.


Now you can't blame your PC

The Cooler Master 120mm RGB Fan,7 increases air-flow and enhances your thermal performance. Now there’s no excuse for losing


It’s yours, do whatever

It’s easy to upgrade with OMEN Command Center’s growing list of customization and optimization features. It lets you do you


Actually, looks do matter

Let’s be honest, looks matter. The tempered glass front and side panels,  full-metal frame, and complete RGB control makes this PC for people who enjoy the finer things in life

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