Hybrid Learning

Reach students anywhere

Providing students a quality educational experience from home is an immense challenge. Our distance learning solutions will equip educators to reach their students wherever they are.

Interactive Panels

Whether you are teaching in the classroom, from home, or using a  combination of both, ViewSonic ViewBoards with Free MyViewboard software can help teachers teach from anywhere. 


Create digital content


Capture lessons with video


Organize digital assignments

Our favorites from Viewsonic

Viewboard ID Series

Educators monitor chat rooms, handle video calls, present lectures, and create annotations simultaneously. ViewBoard ID Series enables them to expand their digital desktop space allowing them to easily interact with students efficiently.

ViewBoards 50 Series

Featuring 4K Ultra HD resolution and an advanced, next-generation touchscreen, the 50 series delivers incredible collaborative capabilities. With annotation software and streaming software, content creation and sharing has never been easier.

ChromeBox Bundles

The integrated Google management console can be set up right out-of-the-box and it has built-in security features. Chromebox™ is an ideal videoconferencing solution for both in-classroom teaching and distance learning environments.

Classroom Audio

To receive the best instruction, students must hear their teacher clearly. Physical factors and new health precautions such as distance, noise, and masks can severely impact speech intelligibility and comprehension.


Overcome barriers to listening

Engage each student


Reduce teacher redirections and absenteeism

Our favorites for your classroom

Logitech Headsets

Kids’ audio processing skills don’t fully develop until the age of 15, so adequate audio is critical. A high-quality headset can ensure that kids can hear their teacher properly.

Lightspeed Redcat Access

All-in-one classroom audio system with a flat-panel speaker and wireless teacher microphone delivers highly intelligible speech everywhere in the room.

HamiltonBuhl Headsets

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, these headsets are nearly indestructible. Ideal for use in schools, libraries, and computer labs, this HamiltonBuhl Lab Pack includes 18 blue Flex-Phones™.

Classroom Video

How do you ensure students at home and in the classroom can see, hear, and understand you, getting the full benefit of your lessons? The right tools can break barriers, allowing students to collaborate without distraction so nourishing educational experience is always within reach.


Studio-quality video


Wide field of view


Compatible with Google, Microsoft, Zoom

Our favorites for your classroom

Logitech Meetup

This all-in-one conference cam features an ultra-wide lens, perfect for small classrooms. Voice and video aligns to the front of the room maximizing natural conversations. Technologies include a beamforming mic array that captures speech, while auto-leveling voices and suppressing noise.

Logitech Rally

With the help of Logitech Rally, students can all see each other both at home or in the classroom. Teachers can walk around the room, write on the board, and use Spotlight Presenter to zero-in on where students need to look, empowering them to teach naturally.


Trusted by teachers and students across the world, Chromebooks are fast, easy to use, secure, and affordable. Access to the extensive library of apps in the Chrome Web Store and Google Play provides tools for schoolwork, collaboration, and exploration.


Simple setup

Apps for study and learning


Built tough to withstand drops and spills

Our favorite Chromebooks

Lenovo Chromebooks

Devices that withstand the rigors of the classroom, Lenovo Chromebooks include access to Google Classroom, G Suite, and many interactive learning apps.

HP Chromebooks

Empower students with personalized, interactive, cloud-based learning on a flexible, durable chassis that supports every way students learn.

Acer Chromebooks

Students are tough, Acer Chromebooks are tougher since they've been designed to withstand the rigors of student life.


Help students make real connections in secure digital classrooms and when collaborating together on complex projects with hardware and software designed to bring people together.


Power to multitask


Seemless integration with interactive panels

Easily create, present, and collaborate

Laptops for everyone

HP Laptops

Deliver power, security, and durability in a versatile 360° design that adapts to the way educators and students work.

Microsoft Surface

Give faculty, staff, and students the freedom to teach and learn anywhere with zero-touch deployment, one-click device management, and protection from Microsoft.

Lenovo Thinkbook

Managing intensive tasks is a snap with Lenovo ThinkBooks. AI-based Whisper Voice noise cancellation optimizes remote teaching audio while Mode Switch gives you precise control of your mic.

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