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Our 2024 favorites

Surface Go 4


Durability and quality for educators

Microsoft’s smallest business laptop and tablet helps teachers speed through touch-and-digital pen tasks with battery life that enables them to work all day from anywhere. 


Flexibility to get the job done

Teachers can power through tasks on a full Windows 11 laptop, handwrite notes using Surface Pen,1 and run video consultations with Microsoft Teams.


Maximize security

Give your IT team peace of mind with Secured-core PCs as they save time and budget through streamlined deployment, modern management, and built-in, chip-to-cloud security.

Surface Laptop 5

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Faster than ever

Built on the Intel® Evo™ platform, Surface Laptop 5 is up to 5x faster than Surface Laptop 4

Power all day

Now boasting up to 17 hours of battery-life and the ability to charge to 80% in just under an hour

Built-In Security

Secured-core PC, designed to block sophisticated firmware attacks and help to ensure that the device launches in a safe state

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Surface Pro 9


The most powerful Pro

Full laptop power and the versatility of a tablet with a choice of Intel® Evo™ or Microsoft SQ® with 5G

2-in-1 flexibility for maximum impact

Enable true flexibility with the tablet that can replace your laptop and even create a full desktop setup with multiple monitors

Performance by your definition

Long battery life, a touchscreen designed for digital pen, high-quality audio and video for video calls with an improved camera angle

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Let us help you enroll and deploy these helpful Microsoft Services


Assist every student and teacher in maximizing their time. By utilizing Intune for Education, you can set up a classroom in under an hour and easily manage devices, users, and apps.

Simplified management
Simplify the process of enrolling, setting up, and managing classroom devices along with the applications already used in your school.

Easy app deployment
Install applications for students and educators without direct device contact. Applications follow users across devices each time they log in.

Personalized experiences
Provide a unique learning environment for every student, even on devices shared among multiple users.​

Copilot, protected AI web chat for faculty

Copilot with commercial data protection, offers your education institution protected AI web chat for faculty. What goes in-and comes out-remains protected, giving educators managed access to better answers, greater efficiency, and new ways to be creative.

Here are some ideas on how it can be used:

Draft content: “Create lesson plans on the Kinematics unit for my AP Physics class. Include the relevant learning objectives, materials, and activities”

Personalize learning: “Generate a reading passage sample for my 3rd-grade class about the ocean, includes three versions for Lexile levels 420L to 650L, 520L to 820L, 740L to 940L”

Brainstorm: “List 20 unique project ideas for my secondary school European history class”

Summarize a PDF open in Edge: “Recap the findings of this flipped classroom research paper and list three recommendations and three challenges”

White-Glove Services

Our white-glove services include, but are not limited to:


  • Windows Autopilot
  • Device charging
  • Asset tagging
  • CSV recording
  • Custom engraving
  • Legal requirement fulfillment
  • Extra protection packaging

Stretch your budget with affordable Surface devices

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