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The Key to a successful client relationship is sound planning and follow through. It is a logistics process that is structured well enough to fulfill current needs, but flexible enough to allow for ongoing refinements and/or advancements in the technology

Device Color Printing

Promote Pride

Inspire school pride and deter theft by identifying devices as school property

Power of Durability

We have developed special durable inks that bond to most notebook, Chromebook and tablet surfaces

Endless Color

Over 65 million colors and shades can be used to produce superior, scratch and fade resistant images, barcodes and serialization

White-Glove Services

Our white-glove services include, but are not limited to:

  • Windows Autopilot
  • Device charging
  • Asset tagging
  • CSV recording
  • Custom engraving
  • Legal requirement fulfillment
  • Extra protection packaging

Needs Analysis

We work with the technology coordinators, purchasing, or the individuals responsible for technology integration to assist in defining objectives. We then review the available options for hardware and software and assist in designing and implementing the optimum network infrastructure. We will provide consultation and support for:


  • Configurations
  • Network schematics
  • Project management

Installation Services

When requested, we will perform the set up and provide orientation on the system’s basic operation.

Support Services

Our clients have access to our in-house support group who are qualified to consult on a variety of hardware, software and connectivity issues. We have a variety of support contracts designed to meet your specific needs. A more detailed list of services is available upon request.

Networks and Connectivity

If a local or wide area network is involved, one of our Certified Network Engineers is assigned to assist in the initial planning and design. Once approved, we supervise the installation, test connectivity, and provide training to the network administrator as needed. If requested, we will allow your technology personnel to work alongside our engineers in order to develop a better understanding of the network issues.

Web and Software Development

Design, research, strategy, design, and testing are crafted to produce a system that delights and motivates the user while also solving the business problems that are below the surface. With experience in designing sophisticated and elegant desktop, web, and mobile applications, we are happy to help you navigate and achieve success.

ID Card Printing

Let us help you make your organization more secure with professional and high-quality ID badges. Our modern ID badges feature: high resolution printing, bar codes or QR Codes, secure watermarks.

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Microsoft Partner with 40 years of experience in providing IT solutions to K12 and Government


Onsite local deployment center with maximum custom capabilities


Experts at laser etching color printing, bar codes, QR codes and critical graphics


Custom shipping, packaging and handling options

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